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ADG assists companies that are devoted to growing their employees to be more efficient and successful leaders throughout all organizational levels. We are dedicated to assisting individuals and businesses with best manpower and achieve individual, corporate, and strategic objectives.

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Employees are the lifeblood of any business. You may improve your firm by upskilling and developing your personnel. Businesses must be relevant, competent, and sustainable to thrive in today's evolving market context. We keep hold of all your staff training and developing skills needs with edge training and development activities, matching learning targets and staff key competencies with your organizational objectives. We help organization - wide and staff transition quickly and effectively to changing times and technologies by using our knowledge, skills, and solutions. Concentrate on the potential, educate your people, and maintain a competitive edge with ADG.

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Training Services


We not only train the candidate but also help our customers pick specialists as a professional services and screening firm. We have considerable experience in hiring the right people for key positions, allowing our clients to save money and effort.

At ADG, selection techniques are tailored to the specific needs of the client. Before being forwarded to the client, prospective candidates are evaluated based on their academic skills, job experience, employment record, and worthiness. Candidates whose experience level is not commensurate with their age or qualifications are subjected to random checks on a regular basis.

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Best Manpower Planning

  • In a personal discussion with individual hiring managers, we first gain an understanding of the nuances of our client's culture, as well as the problems they face in locating the ideal applicant and develop tactics accordingly. We don't approach recruitment in a vacuum.
  • To satisfy your hiring goals, we provide individuals with relevant experience and skills.
  • We provide a level of service that exceeds our clients' requirements. We think that people should be matched to companies rather than jobs.
  • To find the ideal person, we start by creating a relationship with the customer and engaging on targeted and well-defined job profiles.
  • We specialize in addressing the client's needs within the constraints of a certain timeline and at a reasonable cost. Throughout all phases of the project, we collaborate closely with the customer.

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Manpower Services

Manpower Services

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