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A lecture is an oral presentation designed to present information or teach people about a specific topic. Lectures have been used to communicate crucial data such as historical past, history, speculations, and calculations. A candidate's speech, a leader's sermon, or even a businessperson's market development and economic growth may resemble a lecture in format. Typically, the instructor will stand at the front of the hall and chant evidence pertinent to the lecture's topic.

Despite widespread criticism of lectures as a teaching method, organizations have yet to develop reasonable solution instructional techniques for the overwhelming bulk of their courses.

Critics argue that lecturing is primarily a one-way communication method that does not involve significant audience participation and instead relies on passive learning. As a result, lecturing is frequently contrasted with active learning. Presentations delivered by truly gifted presenters can be extremely interesting; at the very minimum, lectures have survived in scholarly as a rapid, cost - effective, and productive way to introduce students and teachers to a specific field of study.


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