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ADG is a global boutique market research which offers end to end solutions beyond flagship research technologies to help research across enterprises to achieve their goals. We believe in delivering recommendations enabling growth to help build organizations of future.


We Believe In

  • Industry Focus
  • Customized Product Offering
  • Extensive Report
  • Robust Methodology

Industry Focus

Industry Focus - We track developments and provide market research data, customized services, analysis and recommendations for diverse industry domains.

When experienced staff we help our partners with best services related to the problems. We help them understand market better at every stage.

Customized Product Offering

We create syndicate and customized reports. Apart from these, we offer consultation services to address our client’s research goals. We specialise in customizing product offerings to meet domain-specific research objectives.

Extensive Report

We provide deep market analysis report, which include refined results, factors influencing the growth timely, comprehensive view of competitive terrain, and key market details to aid organisations make strategical decisions

Robust Methodology

Our market studies envelop a huge number of components like market, monetary and mechanical turns of events. They contain a point-by-point study on different market portions. Data subsequently included is acquired by means of broad work area examination and meetings with important partners.

Our Services

Receive Extraordinary Level of care for Your Company's Advancement

At ADG, we offer a variety of services to facilitate our clients; these services are tailored to the needs of the clients. We assist our clients at all stages of the project.

Our Solutions

For Growth, Get Superior Solution

At ADG Group, we strive to provide the best services to our clients through our excellent team, which assists our partners in better understanding the problem and providing the best solutions.

Research Helping Hand

As a research partner, our service is more than just advice to our customers. We partner with them in the development and execution of transformative growth strategies.

Comprehensive Coverage-

Our global companies allow us to provide insights into regional and national business trends. Our team of dedicated research analysts ensures the consistency of market research.

Trend Tracking Globally

Our analysts keep abreast of the latest technology trends; closely follow market movements; changing corporate business models and global trends are shaping the industry.

Result Oriented team

Our team, inclusive of skilled analysts and researchers, adopts industry-main studies techniques to create all-analytical reports. At ADG we nurture a result-orientated team, which lets in us to provide forward-questioning insights to our clients.

Customized solution

We deliver cutting-edge information to businesses, helping them overcome their challenges. Evidence-based solutions, designed by our experienced analysts and consultants, with a focus on eliminating noise, enable clients to identify existing growth opportunities.

Customer Segmentation

ADG’s meaningful tool and activity used for segmentation far beyond needs segment, demographic, psychology and behaviour.


Technology we Expertise in


1. QES

The Labour Bureau under the aegis of the Ministry of Labour and Employment with us is conducting the All-India Quarterly Establishment-based Employment Survey (QES). The survey is measuring the change in jobs in establishments across the manufacturing, construction, trade, transportation, education, health, accommodation and restaurants, IT/BPO, as well as financial services sectors. The survey is calculating the rate and level of employment generation in the formal and informal sectors.

2. MWS

The Labour Bureau under the aegis of the Ministry of Labour and Employment with us is conducting a survey to estimate the number of migrant workers. We seek to collect data on their living conditions, conditions at work and also other socio-economic conditions.


The Labour Bureau under the aegis of the Ministry of Labour and Employment with us is conducting a survey to estimate annual employment estimates and Short-term employment estimates for sizeable segment of Non-farm Industrial economy covering 9 important sectors viz. Manufacturing, Construction, Trade, Transport, Education, Health, Accommodation & Restaurants, IT&BPO, Financial Services of the Indian economy covering all the States/UTs in the country.

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