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Welcome to ADG Online Solutions

ADG Online Solutions was founded in 2008 with 360-degree digital innovation & customizing IT solutions. “Facilitating industry by uplifting innovation.” is how ADG Group's foundational ideology can be summed up.

Headquartered in Delhi, India, and operations around the world, we are a fusion of competence, techniques, an extremely creative workforce, and cutting-edge facilities. We have equipped ourselves with a leading edge in the IT sector & in the survey business.

We are dedicated to helping clients summarize their marketing needs and empowering them to obtain a competitive edge.


Our vision is to become the world's trusted partner for entrepreneurial services and solutions.

Our clients should hold us in high esteem for our responsiveness, loyalty, and the worth we help in providing.


Our mission is to deliver advanced and cost-effective strategies to our clients which will assist them to streamline their operations effectively.

We presume that innovation can be used as a strong facilitator to provide unrivalled customer loyalty.

Our Expertise

Our steering committee includes a committed team of experts who go above and beyond our clients' expectations. You can depend solely on ADG Online Solutions to deliver you with reliability, facility, and responsible expectations.

We are a leading company in
  1. Research
  2. Data Analytics
  3. Land Surveys
  4. Topographical Surveys
  5. Physical Surveys
  6. Alignment Surveys
  7. Conservation Surveys
  8. Restoration Surveys
  9. Building Surveys
  10. Remote Sensing Surveys
  11. Natural Resources Surveys
  12. Loss Surveys
  13. Quantity Surveys
  14. Valuation Surveys
  15. Demarcation Surveys
  16. Road Surveys
Gem Empanelled Services
  1. Call Center Service
  2. Technical Manpower Service
  3. IT Professional Outsourcing Service
  4. Technical Manpower Outsourcing Service
  5. Professional Training Service
  6. Human Resource Outsourcing Service
  7. Annual Maintenance Service - Desktops, Laptops And Peripherals
  8. Survey Or Market Research Services/ Program Evaluation Or Assessment Survey Services/Feedback Survey - Agriculture, Animal Husbandry And Fisheries; Qualitative
  9. Application Development And Maintenance Resource Hiring Services
  10. Scanning And Digitization Service
  11. Software Support Service 0 Application Development 0 Consultancy Service
  12. Manpower Outsourcing Services - Fixed Remuneration - IT-Technical; IT Hardware Technician; Diploma
  13. Manpower Outsourcing Services - Minimum Wage - Unskilled; Others; Sweeper
  14. Design, Development, Implementation, And Maintenance Of Websites, Web Portal, Web-Enabled Application And Mobile Apps - Open Source Solution (OSS)

Meet Our Passionate Leadership Team

Our directing board of trustees involves specialists who do an amazing job to surpass our customers' expectations. You can rely completely on ADG Online Solutions to experience unwavering quality, office, and obligation assumptions.

My Studio1

Mrs. Deepa Sayal

Board Member

My Studio2

Mr. Anuj Sayal

Managing Director

My Studio3

Mr. Sunil Bhardwaj

Assistant Director - Operations

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