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We comprehend how essential it is to keep the customers satisfied. At ADG, we cater to the needs and requirements of your clients, and their queries are handled by our skilled professionals via telephone.


Become a data-driven enterprise to drive constant growth. We set up data and data analytics solutions for your organization that help you uncover insights and make better decisions for the future.


HR is a fundamental piece of each and every organization. We provide a personalized HR solution that meets the needs of your organization. Our services include HR admin and payroll, HR-related compliance, talent management, employee benefits, and so forth.


We don't just stop at building complex software, but also provide software support services. Our highly professional team also maintains the software by providing advanced software support after the project's completion.


Get the most comprehensive annual maintenance services from best-in-class IT specialists. Our well-trained and efficient IT professionals take care of your applications' ongoing maintenance


We develop world-class software solutions that fit your business goals. Our application development services cover three types of applications, including local applications, web apps, and cross-breed applications.


A consulting firm or a consultancy is a service providing business comprising of a panel of experts or consultants who offer professional advice to a person or an organization at a specific cost or fee. We work with ambitious clients who want to define the future, not hide from it. We deliver integrated solutions, complementing our capabilities with a curated ecosystem to achieve better, faster, more enduring results for clients.

Event Management

Get your brand closer to consumers without agonising over managing the event. ADG provides first-class event management services that create a positive and enduring effect on your event participants.

Facility Management

Facility Services provides clients with a wide range of self-performed integrated facility management solutions. We provide facility management services with commitment for quality service, continuous training to staff, customer satisfaction, time bound commitments and high degree of professionalism.

IT Professional Outsourcing

Professional Outsourcing is the practice of contracting to individual specialists or professionals to handle multiple, small tasks without the intention of outsourcing an entire function. We provide IT solutions that are centered at everything that you do, in a modern environment, more efficiently with highest possible quality.

Survey or Market Research

We offer a flexible range of solutions for field surveys or market research. Gather highly accurate data from your target audience, which helps you identify growth opportunities, pricing trends, and competitor analysis.

Technical Manpower Outsourcing

We offer an exclusive technical manpower service supported by industry experience and technical skills. Our technical manpower supply can be essential in maintaining a smooth and consistent workflow.


With more information now available through open source and social media, we have built and continue to evolve our capability for storing, processing, leveraging and analyzing this data to extract actionable knowledge. Leveraging these cutting-edge capabilities, we are able to identify an entity with extremely significant risk

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