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Social Media Trainee

Position : Social Media Trainee
Salary : 3 LPA
Job Location : Delhi- Sarita Vihar
Experience Requirements : 1 Year

Job description

  • Work with the on-site Social Media Manager to create and implement campaigns
  • Develop content calendars on a weekly and monthly basis for company brands
  • Monitor analytics with social media team to identify viable ideas
  • Create engaging blog and social media content
  • Assist in the general distribution of press releases and media alerts
  • Provide support to our marketing team at live and online events

Python Developer

Position : Python Developer
Salary : 5 LPA
Job Location : Delhi- Sarita Vihar
Experience Requirements : 0-2 Years

Job description

  • Write effective, scalable code
  • Develop back-end components to improve responsiveness and overall performance
  • Integrate user-facing elements into applications
  • Test and debug programs
  • Improve functionality of existing systems
  • Implement security and data protection solutions
  • Assess and prioritize feature requests
  • Coordinate with internal teams to understand user requirements and provide technical solutions

Java Developer

Position : Java Developer
Salary : 5 LPA
Job Location : Delhi- Sarita Vihar
Experience Requirements : 0-2 Years

Job description

  • Contribute to all stages of software development lifecycle
  • Design, implement and maintain Java-based applications that can be high-volume and low-latency
  • Analyze user requirements to define business objectives
  • Envisioning system features and functionality
  • Define application objectives and functionality
  • Ensure application designs conform with business goals
  • Develop and test software
  • Identify and resolve any technical issues arising
  • Create detailed design documentation
  • Propose changes to current Java infrastructure
  • Develop technical designs for application development
  • Develop multimedia applications
  • Write well designed, testable code
  • Conducting software analysis, programming, testing, and debugging
  • Manage Java and Java EE application development
  • Develop documentation to help users
  • Transforming requirements into stipulations
  • Prepare and produce releases of software components
  • Support continuous improvement, investigating alternatives and technologies, and presenting for architectural review

Sales Director

Position : Sales Director
Salary : 24LPA
Experience Requirements : 15

Job description

Sales Strategy Development: Develop and execute a comprehensive sales strategy specifically tailored for PSU, government, corporate clients and International Business. Identify market opportunities, set ambitious sales targets, and define effective strategies to position our software solutions and services.

Client Relationship Management: Build and nurture strong relationships with PSU, government, corporate clients and International Business. Understand their unique challenges, requirements, and decision-making processes. Provide tailored software solutions that address their specific needs and foster long-term client satisfaction.

Business Development: Identify and pursue new business opportunities within the PSU, government, corporate sectors and International Market. Stay updated with industry trends, regulations, and upcoming projects to leverage opportunities for growth. Develop strategic partnerships and collaborations to expand our client base.

Sales Team Leadership: Lead, mentor, and motivate a high-performing sales team. Set clear sales targets, provide guidance, and foster a collaborative sales culture. Encourage continuous learning and skill development to enhance the team’s effectiveness in engaging with PSU, government and corporate clients and International Business.

Sales Performance Monitoring: Monitor sales activities, track progress against targets, and analyze sales data to identify areas for improvement. Implement strategies to optimize sales performance, streamline processes, and drive revenue growth within the target sectors.

Sales Forecasting and Reporting: Prepare accurate sales forecasts, reports, and presentations for senior management. Provide insights on market trends, client feedback, and competitive activities to inform strategic decision-making.

Collaboration and Coordination: Collaborate cross-functionally with marketing, product development, and customer support teams to align sales efforts with overall business objectives. Coordinate with internal stakeholders to ensure seamless delivery of software solutions to PSU, government, corporate clients and International Business.

Industry Knowledge: Stay abreast of industry trends, emerging technologies, and regulatory changes affecting PSU, government, corporate sectors and International Market. Leverage this knowledge to position our software solutions as innovative and valuable tools for clients.


Proven track record as a Sales Director or in a similar leadership role within the IT Solution industry, with a focus on PSU, government, corporate clients and International Business.
In-depth understanding of the public sector, government, corporate sectors and International Market, including their procurement processes and decision-making structures.
Strong network and existing relationships with PSU, government, corporate clients and International Business.
Demonstrated success in meeting or exceeding sales targets and driving revenue growth.

If interested kindly fill basic details at below link:-

Business Development Manager ( international Sales )

Position : Business Development Manager ( international Sales )
Salary : 14 LPA
Job Location : Sarita Vihar
Experience Requirements : 5

Job description

  • Monitoring competitor activity and industry trends in order to identify opportunities for growth
  • Meeting with clients in person to finalize contracts, discuss product features, and ensure that all parties are clear on terms and conditions
  • Researching new markets and potential customers to determine which have the biggest potential for the company’s products or services
  • Setting pricing and margin targets in consultation with upper management to ensure profitability in target markets
  • Reviewing bids from vendors that supply materials needed to create products
  • Communicating regularly with suppliers to ensure that deliveries of materials are on time and according to specifications
  • Negotiating contracts with foreign companies to establish new business partnerships or expand existing relationships
  • Planning and overseeing the production of goods for export, including selecting suppliers and ensuring that production runs smoothly
  • Managing inventory levels to ensure that the company has enough product available to meet demand


Executive Assistant

Position : Executive Assistant
Salary : 10 LPA
Experience Requirements : 6

Job description

  • Design, assemble and create overall email marketing campaigns
  • Create an email database to reach the target audience.
  • Plan and design different CTAs for email templates.
  • Test achievement of each campaign and determine email marketing KPIs.
  • Create a lead generation strategy and increase email subscriptions.
  • Evaluate campaign performance and suggest techniques for improvements.
  • Categorize and segment email lists of people on the basis of past email engagement and website interactions.
  • Make documentation and guides for processes, A/B tests and promotions that prevail through email.
  • Compose newsletters on a weekly basis.
  • Work closely with the Marketing teams as well as Business Development managers.
  • Develop and update templates for our email utilizing graphics, illustrations, personalization and propelled features.
  • Assure precise and prompt communication with customers via email to limit the number of unsubscribes.
  • Write a report on revenue generated from email marketing endeavors.
  • Stay updated on various email marketing best practices and strategies

Sales Executive

Position : Sales Executive
Salary : 3 LPA
Job Location : SARITA VIHAR
Experience Requirements : 0-2 Years

Job description

  • Assist in day-to-day sales and marketing-related activities of the department.
  •  Assist in documentation and paperwork related to sales and marketing.
  •  Assist in tender hunting on different bidding portals.
  •  Generate leads through different sources as instructed by seniors.

PHP Developer

Position : PHP Developer
Salary : 40k - 50K
Job Location : SARITA VIHAR
Experience Requirements : 3+ Years

Job description

  • Discussing project aims with the client and development team.
  • Designing and building web applications using Laravel.
  • Troubleshooting issues in the implementation and debug builds.
  • Working with front-end and back-end developers on projects.
  • Testing functionality for users and the backend.
  • Ensuring that integrations run smoothly.
  • Scaling projects based on client feedback.
  • Recording and reporting on work done in Laravel.
  • Maintaining web-based applications.
  • Presenting work in meetings with clients and management.

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