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ADG agrees to place advertisements on behalf of its customer and manage the entire process, including initial interviews. Alternatively, if a client advertises himself, CG Consulting Services will do the background verification.

An open job vacancy is announced in a job advertisement.

A job advertisement's main purpose is to tell potential applicants about a new position and entice them to apply.

It's written in a conversational tone and includes details not only about the job, but also about your organisation and the advantages you provide.

Advertising's Importance

A well-written job advertisement will target and attract your ideal prospects while excluding all others.

You will save both time and money as a consequence!

Structure of an advertisement

  • Keep your job title simple, accurate, and to the point. Avoid unusual or ambiguous job titles.
  • Job location This is one of the most important factors that job seekers consider when looking for work, so make sure to mention it!
  • Duties and obligations
    Keep it simple by mentioning only a few critical roles and duties.
  • Job specifications
    Make a list of essential qualifications in terms of education, past work experience, technical skills, and soft skills.
  • The business and its advantages
    Introduce your organization briefly, focusing on the advantages you provide. Include details about the pay scale, fascinating initiatives, and incentives.
  • Following the instructions
    Specify how, who, and when a potential applicant should contact you.
Manpower Services

Manpower Services

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