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Campus Hiring

To assist its Partners with campus employment, ADG contacts a significant number of IT/NON IT/Engineering/Pharmacy, etc. campuses across the country. The Partners and CG Consulting decide on the final campus list together. We supply all necessary amenities at the site to ensure that the procedure runs well.

The technique of sourcing, attracting, and employing talent and fresh graduates for internships, co-ops, full-time entry-level jobs, and summer work from campuses is known as campus hiring or campus recruitment. Medium and large businesses with a high volume of hiring prefer to hire from campuses. Every year, companies spend a significant amount of money on college recruitment in the hopes of attracting the greatest talent.

Campus recruitment is a multi-step process that includes campus selection, pre-placement activities, screening, interviewing, and on boarding. The goal of campus hiring is to have access to a big pool of recent graduates looking for work. Most organisations' recruitment strategies include campus hiring because it meets their expanding talent needs by allowing them to hire people from educational institutions.

Manpower Services

Manpower Services

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